68% prefer air travel, only 8% prefer trains amidst Covid-19: IndiGo Survey

A consumer survey was conducted by air carrier IndiGo to understand customer sentiments around air travel and their confidence in safety measures. The survey was conducted online between June 20-June 28, 2020, with 25,000 travellers.

It revealed that 68 per cent travellers feel air travel is the safest mode of transportation in the current scenario. This is followed by driving, which stands at 24 per cent. And, only 8 per cent would prefer Railways.

The survey also highlighted that 65 per cent customers felt confident that IndiGo will ensure clean and safe travel for their journey, the company mentioned in its survey report.

Apprehensions related to travel by air include lack of social distancing by other passengers that stand at 62 per cent; quarantine measures by states (55 per cent), and sitting in the aircraft with so many people (55 per cent) have been identified as key deterrents for air travel.

William Boulter, Chief Commercial Officer, IndiGo, said in the survey: “The analysis of our customer survey clearly portrays that health and safety are their key priorities when travelling. While it is heartening that about 65 per cent travellers trust IndiGo to deliver a clean and safe travel experience, we will continue to introduce new measures, products, and services to further strengthen their confidence in air travel and IndiGo.”

“Our aim is to consistently provide a safe and hassle-free experience on-board a lean, clean flying machine. Even though most of our customers will be opting for domestic travel (62 per cent) in the near future, there is a healthy interest in international travel (38 per cent),” he added.

Travel demand

The survey noted that nearly 54 per cent of the respondents said they want to travel in the next three months. Only 17.6 per cent said they will wait for the situation to completely normalise before planning travel.

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