Indian citizens ready to change cities due to lack of digital advancements: Report

Citizens frustrated with the current set up of the city in which they live, are prepared to express their displeasure by leaving for a more digitally-advanced city, says a survey by Capgemini Research Institute.

The survey titled ‘Street Smart: Putting the citizen at the centre of Smart City Initiatives’ was conducted to gather and analyse the responses from 10,000 citizens and over 300 city officials across 10 countries, including India, and 58 cities.

The report noted that on average, 40 per cent of residents globally may leave their city of residence in the future due to a variety of pain points, including digital frustrations.

The survey highlighted that overall 58 per cent of Indian citizens will leave their cities in the future due to transport and mobility issues.

Around 55 per cent of Indian citizens will leave their city due to lack of good job opportunities and economic growth; 59 per cent of Indian citizens will choose to leave due to lack of sustainability initiatives in their cities, the report said.

The report indicated that 73 per cent of Indian citizens believe that technology-enabled smart city initiatives will help make the cities more sustainable.

78 per cent of Indian citizens who have used smart city initiatives said they are content with their quality of life.

For the digital advancement of their cities, 69 per cent of respondents from India are also willing to pay for various developmental initiatives related to smart cities.

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