Tata Communications sees demand for IoT solutions rise as factories resume operations

PUNE: Tata Communications is seeing increased demand for its connected workplace solutions as more factories resume operations.

“The initial interest has been from the manufacturing sector, since work-from-home is not an option for many and the allied companies need to restart operations as soon as possible,” said Alok Bardiya, head – Internet of Things (business unit), Tata Communications.

He said the company expects demand to pick up from the services sector soon. “Over the last two months, there has been an increased interest in our connected worker solutions….there was a fair amount of understanding on connected worker solutions earlier as well, but the crisis has definitely accentuated the awareness of the solution and need for worker safety,” Bardiya said.

According to Bardiya, demand for the company’s IoT business existed even before the Covid-19 outbreak, but the crisis has now accelerated implementation and deployment. “In the past year, we laid the groundwork and have the capabilities to cater to enterprises that were previously looking for 100 to 200 devices, but currently looking beyond thousands of devices to transform their business, he said. “The growth in demand comes as enterprises understand how IoT can impact their overall supply chain.”

Bardiya said he expects demand for IoT-based solutions to grow exponentially, with 10-15 million people in mid- and large-size enterprises expected to benefit from connected solutions. The company is also starting to see demand for enabling IoT for facility and vehicle tracking to facilitate remote monitoring and control.

IoT-based solutions offer end-to-end solution from sensors, networks, cloud and analytics, with the main offering being the connected worker solution. The solutions that are already available include a safety watch and a safepass card, which allow alerts between the employees and the supervisor. For instance, if the number of employees in a given space exceeds the permitted limit, it will trigger alerts.

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