What computer monitor to choose during pc building?

Confused on What computer monitor to buy? You have reached the right page in shelftocart to  end your search and complete your purchase.

Deciding on what monitor to buy is not an easy decision. Monitor is the output of your all computer process. So choosing a computer monitor needs lot research and right decision.

Latest trend in the market is pc building. Most PCs are now built in the market with many key purposes in mind. Most PCs are built for gaming, multimedia in mind. Be it for personal use or office use different monitor gives a different output when it comes to color reproduction.

What computer monitor to purchase? ​

The monitor you need to purchase is reliant on what you will mainly be using your computer for and this can be broken down into three overarching categories: general/business use, professional visuals, and gaming. Not every monitor is created equal, as certain physical features and integrated technologies on a certain product may provide the best results for running gaming applications as opposed to office tools or professional graphic-design/video-editing programs.

What computer monitors size to be considered?

For those who want more than that though, there are plenty of sizes to choose from. Monitors that stretch 27-inches diagonally are increasingly popular and there are plenty of options beyond 30 inches that are affordable. If you want to go extreme, you can even try some great computer monitors that get close to 50 inches.

Is monitor size alone is enough to consider before buying?

Screen size is just outer view. There are lot more aspects to consider beyond the screen size. One aspect of PC monitors that you do need to consider though is resolution. While 1080p was once the gold standard, today it’s just the baseline. If you’re happy to spend a little more, there are a few other options worth considering, especially if you want to improve screen space or gaming visuals. Resolution isn’t the be-all and end-all of monitor features, though. In fact, too much resolution on too small of a screen can often be annoying, because it shrinks all images down and forces you to enlarge everything to easily read it.

  • 1080p: If you want reasonable clarity, but want to save on cost or focus on other, more important features, 1080p is where it’s at — as long as the monitor you’re buying isn’t extremely large. 1080p is ideal for 21-inch to 24-inch displays. These monitors offer great picture quality, and now that they are competing with 4K the prices are rock-bottom. If you want to go larger than 24 inches, though, you should consider 2,560 x 1,440 resolution at the least, and perhaps 4K.
  • 1440p: The oft-forgotten step-child in the gradual marriage of consumers and 4K, 1440p is still the suggested resolution for gamers, as it offers a noticeable improvement in visuals over 1080p, but doesn’t overly tax your graphics card. It’s also far more affordable if you’re interested in extra features like high refresh rates.
  • 4K: 4K is the resolution that the industry is most keen to drive consumers towards. It looks much more detailed than 1080p, with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and prices have come down substantially in the past few years. That said, gamers will need a powerful graphics card to run a system at this resolution and finding affordable monitors with full suites of frame synching support or high-refresh rates is still difficult. There is plenty of 4K media out there to enjoy though, whether you’re streaming or using UHD Blu-Rays.
  • 5K: This resolution made headlines when Apple debuted it on its iMac, but it’s far from common resolution even years later. Dell’s UP2715K is a great looking display, but we would recommend many high-end 4K monitors before it as you won’t be able to see too much difference between them.
  • 8K: There are some 8K monitors available as well, notably Dell’s 8K Ultrasharp. There’s not really any need for a monitor with such a high resolution at this time, but they are available for those with the budget if resolution is absolutely the most important thing.

Aspect ratio: The aspect the screen shows images in (length compared to height). A common standard, and your best bet, is 16:9. It works with plenty of content and it’s great for movies or games. Some fancy monitors like to stretch things out with ratios like 21:9, but that is more suitable for unusual work situations or hardcore gaming. Another common format, 16:10, provides slightly more vertical space for viewing multiple open documents or images. 3:2 is becoming more commonplace in laptops for better web viewing, but that’s rare on standalone displays.



Aspect ratio

Full HD (FHD)



Wide quad HD (WQHD)



Wide quad XGA



Ultra wide quad HD



Ultra HD 4K (UHD)



Digital Cinema Initiatives 4K (DCI 4K)


Between 16:8 and 16:9




Wait the search did not end here…

There are few more things to be considered if you are building your PC for more efficient output. 

  • Brightness: High-end monitors these days have brightness around 300 to 350 cd/m2. Extra brightness may be handy if you work in a well-lit room or next to large windows. However, too much brightness is a recipe for eye strain. As long as brightness options reach 250 cd/m2, your monitor is good to go. That said, if you want one with HDR support, the more peak brightness the better to best take advantage of that technology.
  • Contrast ratio: Contrast ratios tell you the difference between how white and how black a monitor screen can get. Higher contrast ratios are a good sign, because that means colors will be more differentiated. However, multiple measurements for contrast ratios exist and stated specs aren’t very reliable, so take it all with a grain of salt.
  • HDR: High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a recent addition to the PC monitor space and can have a dramatic impact on visuals. However, most PC monitors lack the brightness needed to take full advantage of it and even the best ones don’t look as good as they should.
  • Refresh rate: Rated in hertz (Hz) a monitor’s refresh rate is how often it updates the image on your screen. While most support up to 60Hz, some displays now offer much higher refresh rates. That can result in smoother movements on your desktop and support for higher frame rates in games which can make a big difference in high-paced titles by reducing your input lag. 120-144Hz is a great range to target, but you could opt for the fastest screens out there with up to 240Hz support. Just make sure you have a high-powered graphics card to back it up.
  • Response time: Response time indicates how quickly the monitor shows image transitions. A low response time is good for fast-paced action video, twitchy gameplay, and similar activities. Response times are measured in milliseconds, with the best screens able to switch pixels at only a couple ms, but not everyone needs such fast reactions.
  • Viewing angle: Viewing angle isn’t as important for a monitor as it is for a TV screen, but if you like to watch shows on your computer with groups of friends, aim for a larger viewing angle so people at the sides can see easily. Anything above 170 degrees is good news here.

Do I want curved or flat?

To me, curved monitors are the best way to make a single display wider without forcing you to sit too far back; that’s why they make more sense for a desktop monitor than for a TV. Optimally, you should be able to see the entire screen without moving your head too much. Once you get beyond roughly 27 inches, that requires a curve if you’re sitting at a desk. Don’t get me started on the “immersive experiences,” of curved screens: Unless that display wraps all the way around me, it’s no more immersive than any other.

At 27 inches and below, aside from the fact that curved displays can look ever so much prettier, one of the few practical applications for it is three-monitor setups, which let you create a better widescreen experience. Otherwise, small curved screens just aren’t worth it, especially if you’re paying extra for the privilege. And in fact, I feel like curves on smaller screens bring the edges too far into my peripheral vision for comfort.

Hope you now got some doubts cleared in choosing a right monoitor for your purpose.

we have listed few monitos available in the market at best price. you can choose them and buy it to your home and office.

Happy Shopping..

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